MOTIONGATE Dubai is an open-air theme park based on films made in Hollywood. This amazing theme park is located in Dubai Parks and Resorts which also offer other attractions and theme parks such as Bollywood parks and LEGOLAND to enjoy. The theme park covers up an area of around 1.9 million square feet that can fit about 24 football pitches. MOTIONGATE Dubai also features a total of 5 amazing roller coasters and 27 key rides that are spread across 5 themed zones which are; Columbia Pictures, Smurfs Village, DreamWorks, Lionsgate and Studio Central. The 5 roller coasters combined have a whopping length of 2593 meters which is equivalent to 3 Burj Khalifas!


Studios Central welcomes its visitors with a huge movie reel gate to enter the themed land. It is the main hub which leads to the other 4 themed lands. Studios Central portrays New York in the 1950s as it offers its visitors to experience theatrical opening shows and behind-the-scenes access to filmmaking.


Step into the world of adventure by visiting Columbia Picture themed land. This themed land has 7 attractions to enjoy with family and friends. Columbia Picture features a water ride called River Expedition, which is a slow lazy river ride with a few water bumps. The Zombieland Blast Off ride is for the adrenaline junkies as this ride is a free-fall tower ride which drops its guests from a few feet high. The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase roller coaster ride comes next. This is one of the 5 roller coasters rides in the park and with some hard and sharp turns.  Hotel Transylvania is a haunted hotel ride which drives its guests in a crisscross pattern where they have to shoot all the ghosts. Lastly, don’t forget to visit Underworld 4D. This is a 4D cinema experience which is filled with action-packed vampire hunt.


Smurfs Village is a themed land that is aimed specifically for the little ones to enjoy. The Smurfs Village has 5 attractions which include family rides, play zones, roller coaster rides and theatre show. Starting with Woodland Play Park and Smurfberry Factory, these are two play zones with slides for children to have fun with their siblings and friends. If your child is too small or has never experienced a roller coaster ride, then make sure to try The Smurf Village Express roller coaster which gives amazing views of the Smurf Village. Smurfs Studios Tour is a family dark ride that drives its guests through different scenes that show Smurfs history and life. Last but not the least, is the Smurfs Village Playhouse Show which is an interactive on-stage theatre show.


DreamWorks is a fully indoor themed land which has 4 sub-zones that are based on the popular movies you may have watched and they are; Kung Fu PandaShrek, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon. The whole DreamWorks area is inside one giant air-conditioned box which welcomes its guests with a golden fountain at the entrance that has characters from the 4 movies. This themed land has a total of 12 rides, 4 live shows, 4 themed restaurants and 5 retail shops.

Kung Fu Panda

Starting with Kung Fu Panda zone, it features “Unstoppable Awesomeness” ride which is a theatre ride and the zone also has a live interactive Kung Fu Panda show with puppets and mascots.


The Shrek zone has a dark ride which shows the life of Shrek and Fiona. It also has a log ride which keeps spinning 360 degrees.


Madagascar zone offers a roller coaster ride called “Madagascar Mad Pursuit“ which is the fastest roller coaster in the park. Also “Melman Go Round” which is a carousel ride for kids to enjoy.

How to Train Your Dragon

The final sub-zone has an amazing ride called “The Dragons Gliders”. It is a dark glider ride that takes you through the scenes of the movie “How to Train Your Dragon. Lastly don’t forget to visit “The Swinging Viking” ride which is a swinging ship ride.


Lionsgate is the smallest themed land of all 5. The themed land only has 2 rides, a food car and a souvenir shop. Even though the themed land has 2 rides, they are still worth a try! Make sure to hop on the “Capitol Bullet Train” which is a bullet roller coaster ride with some serious turns and loops, or make sure to check out the “Panem Aerial Tour” which is a 4D motion ride with an amazing adventure.

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