Miracle Garden Dubai

Miracle Garden Dubai is a wonderful paradise which has attractions that are filled with millions of flowers. Located in the Dubailand District, it is home to the largest flower garden in the world. The amazing garden covers up an area of whopping 72,000 square kilometres which consists of 50 million flowers that have over 60 varieties.

Walking track

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Miracle Garden by taking a walk at the 400m long walking track which gives stunning views of the garden and also hosts costume parades, Zumba sessions and physical activities.


There is a lot to explore in this huge garden. Once tired, visitors can recharge themselves by visiting the Hawaiian-style Cabanas that feature comfortable padded floors and beautiful curtains.

Emirates Airbus A380

Miracle Garden is home to the largest flower plane in the world. This beast is a recreation of the Emirates Airbus A380 passenger plane that is entirely made from flowers. The Emirates Airbus A380 utilized 500,000 flowers which had 7 different varieties and also weighs up to 100 tonnes.

Floral Castles

Ever seen castles made out of flowers? Well, Miracle Garden is the right place to be, as there are beautiful floral castles which have dining rooms for their visitors to enjoy and take a break.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is an underground attraction that is 20 feet in depth which features bungalows and houses that are made from various flowers. Therefore make sure not to get lost inside!

Disney Avenue

Disney Avenue is the best attraction for kids where they can find their favourite Disney characters made out of flowers. The Avenue features an 18 meters high Mickey Mouse structure which weighs 35 tonnes and is made using 100,000 flowers.

Umbrella Passage

Miracle Garden is mostly an open-air garden and since it is located in Dubai, the temperature reaches over 40 degrees during summer. To avoid the harsh heat, the visitors can visit the Umbrella Passage where the entire ceiling of the passage is filled with umbrellas offering good shade and a break from the heat as well as lovely views of the garden.

Butterfly Passage

This attraction is designed in the shape of a butterfly itself. It features 4 domes which showcase various butterflies and flowers for their guests to experience.

Hill Top

Since Hill Top is a few meters high from ground level, it offers their guests to capture the most stunning and best views of Miracle Garden. The Hill Top also has different types of colourful flowers at each level to take a glimpse at.

Floral Clock

Floral Clock is a major attraction in Miracle Garden. This clock is 15 meters in length and the parts of the clock were specifically imported from the U.S. The Floral Clock is unique of its kind as the design of the clock changes every season.


Gazebos take its guests back to the Victorian and Greek era. It has many Gazebos that are full of colourful flowers and it is another place for the guests to take a break and refill their energy so they can keep exploring the amazing garden.

Heart Passage

Lastly, Heart Passage attraction is one of the most visited attractions in the park. The passage is made using different types of flowers that are shaped like hearts and the flowers give an amazing aroma as the guest’s walkthrough.

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