LEGOLAND Dubai is a family theme park located in Dubai Parks and Resorts. This amazing theme park has around 15,000 Lego models that are made using over 60 million Lego bricks. LEGOLAND Dubai is divided into 6 themed lands and they are; MINILAND LEGO CITY, KINGDOMS, IMAGINATION, ADVENTURE and FACTORY. And if that is not enough, then make sure to visit LEGOLAND water park which has over 20 rides and attractions!


Miniland is the main hub of LEGOLAND. It features a number of iconic landmarks from all over the Middle East constructed with Lego bricks, including historical structures such as Sheikh Zayed MosqueTaj Mahal, the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, and many more. Massive amounts of Lego bricks are required to build these enormous structures, 20 million Lego bricks to be exact, meaning that 1/3 of 60 million Lego bricks are used in Miniland alone. The Burj Khalifa model is the world’s tallest Lego building structure which stands 17 metres in height. It took 5,000 hours and 439,000 Lego bricks to construct this beast.


The name says it all, an entire city made with Legos. This themed land lets children get their very first LEGOLAND driving license at the driving school as well as give them the opportunity to fly a plane and steer a boat. And to enhance the experience, become a firefighter and rescue a burning building!


The kingdom is a themed land full of fantasy and magic; it has many attractions and rides such as Marlin Challenge, The Dragon, Builders Guide, The Cast and Dragons Apprentice. Dragons Apprentice is the best ride in LEGOLAND, hop on this roller coaster ride and get your adrenaline pumping! The Dragon roller coaster is the biggest ride in LEGOLAND; it is 16 meters high and reaches speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour.  Other than thrill rides Kingdom offers their visitors fun games where you have to shoot targets via laser guns in order to recover all the lost treasure from the Lost Kingdom Adventure.


Imagination is the next themed land.  This is where children get to be creative and use their amazing imagination skills to build their own Lego cars and compete with their friends in a race. To get the spectacular views of the themed land, make sure to visit the Kid Power Towers where you can view the entire park from the top. Imagination also has a 4D cinema which features the movies; LEGO CITY 4D Officer in Pursuit, LEGO NINJAGO Master of the 4th Dimension and The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure.     


If you are a big fan of adventure and thrills, then Adventure theme land is the best place to visit. The adventure features an underwater journey in a submarine which lets you explore the underwater ancient temple ruins, as well as marine life which has over 2,200 inhabitants and 60 different species that include sharks and rays. The largest species are the  Zebra shark at 1.5 meters and the smallest is Reticulated Damsel at 2 metres. The adventure also offers Beetle bounce which is a must try and very popular ride that goes 15 feet in the sky. Lastly, Lego Jet Ski attraction which has water jets that spectators can fire at the riders who are enjoying the ride inside.


The final theme of land is called Factory, it is the heart of LEGOLAND, as the visitors get to see how Lego bricks are made from scratch. The factory also is home to The BIG SHOP which is the largest Lego store in the Middle East and it has more than 600 different Lego Box Sets.


The fun experience does not end just yet as there is 1 last thing to try, LEGOLAND Waterpark. This insane waterpark has over 20 slides and attractions to enjoy with your family. The waterpark is designed for 2-12-year-old children so they can enjoy the splashing fun of water. LEGOLAND water park features a lazy river with a build-your-own raft ride as well as 6-tracked Slide racers to compete with your friends. Lastly, the LEGOLAND Waterpark offers its visitors a Joker Soaker Bucket that spills a whopping 300 gallons of water every few minutes.

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